What is Probate?

What is Probate?

DIY Probate KIt Victoria - probate certificate appearance

  • A probate is a certificate that authorises you to claim assets owned by someone who has died. It looks like the picture above. 

  • To get Probate, the executor(s) named in the Will apply to the Probate Office. They lodge the application in Melbourne and the probate comes back in the mail - usually in about a week

  • Our DIY Probate Kit shows you how to prepare an application for probate and lodge it yourself (without paying thousands to a lawyer - or (even worse) perhaps tens of thousands to a trustee company)
  • Applying for Probate yourself is usually the quickest way, and surprizingly simple as well.

  • There is no "probate duty" or "death duty" in Victoria
  • If all assets (including real estate) are jointly owned, the surviving joint owner does not need probate to transfer ownership.