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The Probate Kit

What is Probate?

A "probate" is just a certificate issued by the Probate Office to:

  • recognise you as the executor named in the Will, and in effect
  • authorise you to transfer ownership of the assets left behind.


To get probate you draft an application and lodge it at the Probate Office in Melbourne. (If you live interstate it is possible to arrange for another authorised person to lodge it for you).


The application has to be done right, which is where our DIY Probate Kit becomes so valuable - it shows you how, and includes:

  • explanations
  • blank forms for you to use for your application, and
  • a sample of a completed application that simplifies things so much that one kit user said "it was like following the yellow brick road". (Most kit users get a sample application that matches their situation precisely).


Our Probate Kit makes it as simple as 1-2-3 !


After your probate certificate arrives in your mailbox (usually less than a week after you lodge your application), you use it to get assets released to beneficiaries.


Probate Questions & Answers

Many of the questions that people have about deceased estates are answered in our Questions & Answers page (see "Probate Q&A" in the menu to the right)..