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The Probate Kit
The Probate Kit for Victoria

plus mail
$5.50 ordinary mail
$7.50 express post 
(within Australia)

The Victorian DIY Probate Kit 
that saves you thousands
(and speeds things up !)


You don't need a lawyer to apply for Probate in Victoria  - you can do it yourself.

Our DIY Probate Kit - built on over 30 years of Victorian probate experience - shows how.


Our kit has de-mystified probate in Victoria - it shows you how to prepare an application for Probate, how to lodge it at the Probate Office, and wind up a deceased estate - with no lawyer.


When your probate certificate arrives in your letterbox you will be surprised at how easy we made it for you. Enjoy the benefits:

  • You minimise the time it takes - you can reasonably expect to have your Probate certificate in your letterbox in about 4 weeks from getting your Probate Kit (provided you don't dawdle). 
  • You save probably several thousands in lawyer fees
  • You keep personal control over your inheritance. (This can be significant - some lawyers hold on to their clients' inheritance for 6 months or more "in case someone challenges the Will", and this can cost you a lot in lost interest).


We created the Victorian Probate Kit in the 1980's and have updated it ever since - based on a proven formula:

  • explain how probate works and how you apply for it (in our online book)
  • give you the paperwork / stationery needed to apply
  • give you a sample of a completed application that simplifies things so much that one kit user said "it was like following the yellow brick road". (Most kit users get a sample application that matches their situation precisely).


We have 30 years of Probate experience in Victoria, so when you buy our Probate Kit you benefit from that experience.


Our Probate Kit is well known at the Probate Office too. (We were founding members of the Supreme Court Probate Users Committee - to reflect the perspective of "in person" (DIY) applicants for Probate).


Our Probate Kit is in two parts:

  • A comprehensive online probate application guide (including a sample application that you select). 
    When you buy the Probate Kit online you get immediate access to this online guide.
  • A printed pack that we mail to you after ordering. This includes the blank forms and stationery needed for a probate application. (Under the Victorian probate system it is not feasible to have a Probate Kit that is 100% online).


For detail on kit contents, have a look at probate kit contents.
(If you use a MAC computer please see also our
information on file formats).


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