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The Probate Kit

Probate in Victoria - summary of our DIY Probate system


When you apply for Probate yourself (instead of paying a lawyer or trustee company to do it for you), here are the steps you go through:


  • Find the Will and see who it appoints as executor(s)
  • Decide how to apply for Probate. (See the "Your Probate Options" link to the right). We assume that have decided to do it yourself - good idea !
  • Buy your Probate Kit (you can just click on our website order button to do that). This gives you immediate access to our comprehensive online Probate Application Guide
  • Select one of our sample applications - for an easy-to-follow explanation of you how to fill out your application
  • Prepare your application
  • Lodge the application at the Probate Office (and pay the lodging fee)
  • Wait about a week for your Probate certificate to appear in your letterbox.
  • Use your Probate certificate to authorise asset-holders (like banks, superannuation companies etc) to release assets to you
  • Having gained control of the assets, distribute them to beneficiaries as the Will says.


Our long-proven Probate Kit takes you through the application process and gives you the paperwork on which to do it.