Probate Basics

How to apply for Probate in Victoria

When you apply for Probate yourself (instead of paying a lawyer or trustee company to do it for you), here are the steps you go through:

  1. Find the Will and see who it appoints as executor(s) 
  2. Decide how to apply for Probate. (See the "Your Probate Options" link above). We assume that have decided to do it yourself - good idea ! 
  3. Buy our Probate Kit (you can just click on our website order button to do that). This gives you immediate access to our comprehensive online "How to apply for Probate" Guide
  4. Select one of our sample applications - they give you an easy-to-follow explanation of you how to fill out your application 
  5. Prepare your application 
  6. Lodge the application at the Probate Office (and pay the lodging fee) 
  7. Wait about a week for your Probate certificate to appear in your letterbox. 
  8. Use your Probate certificate to authorise asset-holders (like banks, superannuation companies etc) to release assets to you 
  9. Having gained control of the assets, distribute them to beneficiaries as the Will says.

Our long-proven Probate Kit is your easy-to-follow guide through the application process.

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