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Making a Will in Australia

  • Yes - it is legal
  • Superannuation - nominated beneficiaries
  • Questions & Answers
  • Challenges to Wills
  • If there is no Will
  • Divorce - its effect on Wills


Probate in Victoria

  • What is Probate?
  • Do you really need Probate?
  • Your Probate application options
  • What does it really cost to get Probate?
  • Probate Questions & Answers
  • What's in our Probate Kit
  • Registering to access online content
  • Who may see the Will following a death
  • Motor vehicle transfers


Conveyancing in Victoria

  • What is conveyancing?
  • Conveyancing essentials
  • Your conveyancing options
  • The conveyancing protection furphy
  • Benefits of DIY conveyancing
  • Registering to access online content

(Note - this kit is unavailable at present).


Power of Attorney in Victoria

  • Different types of Power of Attorney
  • Questions & Answers

Using a Victorian Power of Attorney outside Victoria

(Note - this kit is unavailable at present).


Ordering our DIY legal kits

  • Online Order form
  • Over the counter distributors
  • Kit delivery
  • Privacy policy



  • Witnessing affidavits or statutory declarations
  • Organ donations
  • Transferring vehicles in Victoria


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