Our DIY Probate Kit

Online Manual
+ Printed forms & stationery
+ sample

DIY Probate Kit for Victoria - saves thousands - saves time - increases understanding - keeps YOU in control

Step by Step online probate manual

Our Step-by-Step probate manual is online, where you can access it for 6 months.  It has a detailed Table of Contents and a search function that makes it easy to find your way around.

To access the Probate Manual you just log in to your online account from the Members tab of our website. 

If you buy the Probate Kit on this website your account is created automatically at the time of purchase. If you buy the Probate Kit from an external distributor you create your account by registering the kit after purchase.

The Probate Kit consists of:

  1. An online step by step explanation of how to apply for probate application. You get immediate access to that online material when you order our kit online. 
  2. A set of pre-printed application forms and stationery that we mail to you after you order (unless you bought the Probate KIt from a distributor, in which case you already have the package pictured above). 
  3. sample application to follow.
    Since the wording of probate applications varies with the number of executors / how many are applying etc. We have a lot of samples - covering almost every situation. You choose the sample that suits your situation best. (Most kit users get a sample that matches their situation precisely). This sample application simplifies things greatly. 

Our samples are based on the most common range of situations, in which:

  • there is a Will and
  • an executor (one or more) with the right to apply is/are going to do so. 
    (Who can apply depends on the Will - to help you work that out here are some 
    typical executor appointment clauses). 

Our Probate system works !

We have been publishing our Probate Kit since the 1980's, so it reflects a lot of experience. Our Kit Users love saving thousands of dollars. Here is the most recent comment from one of them:

"Just a quick note to thank you for a fantastic comprehensive kit, that has made my life so much easier!
Using your kit I was able to work through the process easily and obtain Probate within 2 weeks of starting the paperwork.
Easy to follow, great samples to compare my work to and even the registrar said my application looked good – ‘not the usual dogs breakfast’ that some people bring him when they act without a lawyer!
I will definitely recommend your kit to anyone I know who is in my unfortunate position.
Thanks for offering your service!"

Application forms

With the Probate Kit we supply a set of pre-printed forms that you can fill out by hand if you wish. This includes all the forms needed for almost all probate applications. (We have supplements dealing with some of the "uncommon" situations). 

If you prefer to fill out your application onscreen and print it out, we have a downloadable set of forms (DOC format) that you can order later as an optional extra ($22).

Sample Application

The wording of probate application varies with the number of executors, and to help you "get it right" we give you a sample application that you select with guidance from the probate manual. We have a wide range of samples, which allows most of our Probate Kit users select a sample application that matches their situation precisely. In really uncommon situations we might provide the "closest fit" sample plus notes about how it needs to be modified.

Probate Kit limits

Our Probate KIt is for probate applications, which means it cannot be used if:

  • There is no Will
  • There is no executor willing and able to apply

How long to get probate?

After getting our DIY probate kit you should be able to prepare an application in a few weeks. The limiting factor is often how long it takes to get a death certificate. 

After you lodge your application (which you do "in person" at the Probate Office in Melbourne), they mail your Probate back to you about a week after lodging (provided they don't have any questions they want answered. If they have questions they contact you).

After you get probate?

The Probate document is your authorisation to instruct asset holders to release or transfer assets, so you move on to the asset-release phase. 

The Probate Kit gives some introductory information about asset release/transfer, but asset holder requirements vary (so you approach them for details).