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The Australian Will Kit

Australia's TOP RANKED DIY Will KIT

Get the latest edition of the DIY Will Kit that we originated in the 1980's 
- which makes it the most popular and widely-used Will Kit in Australia
(and ranked No. 1 in an independent survey).



No problem.

The PRINTED VERSION of our Will Kit includes forms for two people to make a Will.

The ONLINE VERSION of the Will Kit includes a template to store on your computer and make as many wills as you like.


PLUS - Your privacy assurance
We do NOT get you to make a Will by filling out a form on our website. This guarantees that we cannot hassle you or your executors or beneficiaries for probate related business.


Our DIY Australian Will Kit shows you how to make a Will you understand - with no lawyer fees .


It will help you:

  • Understand your Will much better
  • Recognise things that could affect your Will in future
  • Know what information you should store to help your Executor look after things for you.


Two versions - PRINTED BOOK or ONLINE

  • If you want a printed book to keep on your shelf, you can choose the printed version that we have published for over 30 years.
  • If you want an online e-book with an always-visible table of contents and an ultra fast search function to help you find information on particular subjects, you might prefer the online version


Both versions lead to the same end result - a printed Will that you store wherever it suits you.


The information in both versions is essentially the same, and both can be used for two people to make a Will.

Printed VersionThe DIY Will Kit of Australia 
($33 plus post & pack - $6.50 ordinary mail - $7.50 express post )

With the printed book you get

Pre-printed forms that you can fill out by hand. (Or you can use a computer to slot your details into the spaces on the forms).
There are enough blank forms for two people to make a Will.

You also get free access to downloads to help you organise your Will, including:

  • Text file for the Will Kit form (which you can edit / format / print)
  • Budget template (to help work out your family needs)
  • Executor Information template (to help provide your Executor with information needed to "do it right" for you)


sample page from the printed kit (PDF file)  /  More detail on editable will form files


Online VersionThe online Will kit  (only $33)

With the ONLINE version you get essentially the same content as in the printed version, but the information is designed for reading on-screen (as shown on the right), rather than for printing.


The online version has an expandable Table of Contents on the left and the detail for each subject on the right.


It also has another useful feature ; a super-fast search function that lets you quickly locate all references to a particular word or phrase - the modern way to find information


The ONLINE Will Kit also gives you:

  • A Will template that you save to your computer and edit / print / store (see file Download File Formats below)
  • Other downloads to help keep yourself AND your executor informed about things that matter when your Will comes to be used.


The online Will Kit lives on our website, where you can access it for 3 months to make your Will. 
The will that you make / save / print out does NOT live on our website - you keep it on your own computer where you can edit it in the future.

(Yes - we know that some will kit publishers (especially those who are actually trustee companies) ask you to fill in boxes on their website to make a Will - but have you ever asked what happens to the data that you type on their screen? Does it go into a database and get used to hassle you in the future? With our online Will Kit your private details remain yours alone).


Get more detail on the Online Will Kit.

Download file formats

Our downloadable forms use industry standard formats 
PDF (printable but not editable) and
- (editable) MSword DOC / DOCX 
so your computer needs to be able to handle PDF and either DOC or DOCX formats


To help you ensure that your computer handles those standard file formats we have some test files - see more on file formats
(We recommend that Mac users in particular check that their software opens our test files).


But enough about our Will Kits - let's talk about Wills

For a start - why make a Will anyway?