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Power of Attorney Kit

(Currently being updated to incorporate important changes.
Do not order just now).

Our Power of Attorney Kit shows you how to make and use all four types

of Power of Attorney in Victoria Australia - with no lawyer.


You can use Powers of Attorney to authorise someone to do things like:

  • operate a bank account for you
  • sign a contract to sell your house (or buy one) for you
  • consult with doctors to make decisions about your medical treatment
    if you can no longer do it yourself.


In Victoria there are four different types of Power of Attorney, and our Power of Attorney kit helps you:

  • Decide which type to use for particular purposes 
  • Use a Power of Attorney (and make certified copies of it)
  • Terminate the Power of Attorney if you decide to.


The Four Types of Power of Attorney


This is often called a "General Financial" power, because people often use it to get someone to take care of financial matters for them 

Enduring Financial

This is different from a General power in one very important way - it "endures" even if you become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs. Elderly people often use this type if they worry about being incapacitated by stroke or Alzheimers, or some other illness. It can also be very useful to young people, if they (say) go into a coma after a sporting or road accident.

Enduring Medical Treatment

This authorises someone to make decisions about your medical treatment after you lose the mental capacity to make such decisions yourself.

Guardianship Appointment


This is not called a Power of Attorney but it works like one. It was introduced by Victoria in 1999 and it allows you to appoint a guardian who can make decisions that affect your lifestyle - where you live etc. It also allows your guardian to make medical treatment decisions if you do not also have an Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment).

The Power of Attorney Kit

The Power of Attorney Kit shows you how to make and use all these types, and includes:

  • Explanations of the four types
  • Blank forms for all four types (there are two blanks of the "enduring financial" and "enduring medical treatment" types so that two partners can make these with one Kit)
  • Samples of the General & Enduring type
  • Blank forms for the Refusal of Medical Treatment by either a (mentally) competent person or a mentally incompetent person
  • Blank form for terminating a Power of Attorney.


This low-cost easy-to-use Kit could save you around $200 per Power of Attorney, but it does more than that. It also gives you a good understanding of what Power of Attorney is all about, and that could prove valuable.

Note that our Kit is designed for use in Victoria Australia.


Questions & Answers

See common questions about Power of Attorney

Please note though that we don't have an advisory service to deal with questions about the use of Powers of Attorney.


Using a Victorian Power of Attorney outside Victoria

See using a Victorian Power of Attorney in other Australian States or overseas.

Power of Attorney Kit for Victoria