Access / Download problem?

Problem Corner

Feb 2016 update

A software "upgrade" (if you call it that) has led to a few hiccups with probate kit sample applications lately - especially with rarely used samples.


If you have difficulties send an email direct to webcontact and we will look into it for you.


For other access issues please keep in mind the following comments.

"I've got a problem"

We sometimes get emails from people saying "I've got access problems" or "I can't download some forms"
Some people assume that we have some magic understanding of what is happening on their computer.


That presents us with a problem, because we are not standing beside them and therefore cannot see:

  • What links they are clicking on
  • What is happening
  • What messages are displayed on their screen
  • What passwords (if any) they are using
  • What files they are talking about
  • What they are entering on the screen and where
  • What type of computer (or other device) they are using
  • What type of software they are using
  • etc.


In practice, very few "problems" turn out to be related to our website.
For that reason we have prepared

  • notes on some possible problem causes
  • a problem report form, that considers a number of factors that might help resolve questions.


How to proceed

Step 1: Read our notes (see link below) on possible problem causes - it might help you identify a problem at your end.


Step 2: If the notes referred to above it helps if you use the report form that we provide.
(The link to the Report Form is on the "possible problem causes" page (linked to below) and it helps capture some details that might help resolve a problem).


What we check

On receiving a problem report we check:

  • that our own web site is online
  • that relevant links are operating and relevant documents are accessible and opening with the correct password (where relevant).


Our Emphasis

Our emphasis is always on ensuring that our access and file delivery system is working correctly.


We do not get involved in

  • bypassing the online content system by emailing materials
  • creating materials in different formats
  • trying to diagnose problems with your computer or software (or security limits imposed by your work network).