How to
Make a Will (for Australia)
Apply for Probate (in Victoria)

Follow our kits and gain:
* time & money savings
* understanding
* personal control.

We are the originators of DIY legal kits in Australia
We have decades of experience at legal kit publishing.


Probate Kit (Victoria)

DIY Probate Kit for Victoria

Online DIY Manual + printed extras

Published since the 1980's, our DIY Probate Kit for Victoria has shown tens of thousands of people how to:
  • save thousands of $$$ in legal fees, and
  • stay in control of the estate (and their inheritance), and
  • avoid delays in getting probate.
  • A detailed & searchable online how-to-do-it manual (6 months access)
  • plus application forms (pre-printed forms that you can fill out by hand, and a DOC file that you can fill out on your computer and print) 
  • plus lodging stationery - mailed to you after purchase
  • plus a sample application that you select (depending on your executor configuration). In almost all cases this sample is immediately available and free.

Will Kit (Australia)

DIY Will Kit for Australia

Printed Will Kit

Our Will KIt has shown tens of thousands of Australians how to make a will. The original Australian will kit (an idea that so many others have copied), and judged in an independent review to be the best in Australia.

Describes how to structure a Will, includes blank forms and a sample Will. It's a quick and simple solution to the old problem of dying with no Will.

The right time to make a Will is NOW - and our Will Kit gives you a quick and easy way to get it done. 
("One Day" is the wrong day to make your Will, because for some people "One Day" never comes).

Even if you intend to replace your Will "one day" after a seriously expensive "professional" assessment of your family/ assets / taxation situation, our Will KIt gives you the essentials for avoiding the increasingly significant impact of dying without any Will at all. (Naming executors and beneficiaries alone is a valuable move).



Will Kit (Australia)

DIY Will Kit for Australia - online version
Online Will Kit

Essentially the same content as our printed Wiill Kit except that you get immediate access to it and read it online. 

Also has a bunch of useful extras such as:

  • Editable will template
  • List of info your executor needs, etc