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Making it as simple as  1-2-3


Our DIY Legal Kits

give you savings & satisfaction

Walk the proven path

built over a 30 year period 

by the legal kit Originators


Save time & money on Probate & Wills

Our DIY legal kits show you how to save a lot of money on legal fees, and keep control
of your legal process.

  • The DIY Probate Kit - how to apply for Probate in Victoria - $99 (+ postage)
    This kit saves thousands
  • The DIY Will Kit - how to make a Will in Australia.
    Online version $33 - Printed version $33 + postage


Grazing around this website could save you a lot of time and money.



A proven success

Our DIY legal kits are based on a proven formula that we have proved successful
over a 30 year period. They
give you:

  • An explanation of how the system works and what you need to do
  • Blank forms to use in your transaction
  • Samples to show how forms are completed.


These explanations, forms, and samples put you in a position where:

  • You understand what you are doing
  • You retain personal control over the process, and
  • You are better informed, and therefore less likely to be misled or manipulated by others.

Lawyers typically plug details into templates. By providing you with templates - our kits allow you to do that for yourself.


This DIY Legal Kits website gives you

  • Descriptions of our DIY legal kits
  • Answers to many commonly asked questions, and
  • An online order facility (of course).

Where you can use our Australian DIY Legal Kits

  • Our Will Kit can be used throughout Australia.
  • Our Probate Kit is specific to Victoria.



DIY Will Kit



 Our kits do NOT ask you to fill out Will forms
on our website.

That guarantees that your executors are not known to a third party (who might hassle them for probate business).